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TitleProduct TypeReference #
3 Series Arc Flash Detection System Installation, Testing and Maintenance 350 GET-20057
3rd Harmonic Waveform Capture GraphsPMCSnote2
469 Oscillography Power Cycle Measurements469GET-8417
469 Va / Vc Angle Difference469GET-8414A
489 Distance Element - Principle of Operation489GET-8472
750/760 Local/Remote Control without using the Faceplate Buttons750_760GET-8473
889 Advanced Generator Protection: Elements Technical Note 889 GET-20056
A Microprocessor-based Digital Feeder Monitor with High-Impedance Fault DetectionDFM, F60GER-3796
A New Algorithm for Digital Low-Impedance Protection of BusbarsB30GER-4000
A New Approach to Current Differential Protection for Transmission LinesL90GER-3981
ACB vs. ABC Power System RotationT60 GET-8431B
Addressing the devicesPMCSnote56
Adjustment Techniques for Electromechanical RelaysBDD, CEB, CEH, CEX, CEY, CEYG, CHC, GCX, GGP, GSY, HEA, HFA, HFC, HGA, HMA, HSA, IAC, IAV, IBC, ICR, IFC, IFCV, IFV, IJD, IJS, JBC, NAA, NBV, NGA, NGV, PJC, PVD, SAM, SBC, SBD, SGC, STDGEK-99350
Advancements in Adaptive Algorithms for Secure High-Speed Distance ProtectionAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3962
Alarm Viewer ActiveX Control in the Same Screen with Device WizardsPMCSnote66
ALPS Series Compensation Calculations with Parallel MOV and GapsAlps, LPSGET-8413
ALPS Series Compensation for Non-Standard PTsAlps, LPSGET-8412
An Application of a Protective Relaying Scheme using the UCA/MMS StandardB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-4007
An improved transformer inrush restraint GeneralGER-3983B
An Improved Transformer Inrush Restraint AlgorithmT35, T60GER-3989A
ANSI Device NumbersGeneralGER-3977
Application Guide AC Pilot Wire Relaying System SPD and SPA RelaysSPA, SPDGET-6462A
Application NotePMCSnote84
Application of Current Differential Protection to Tapped Transmission LinesL90GER-3978
Application of Out-of-Step Blocking and Tripping RelaysAlps, CEB, CEX, CFZ, D60, G60, L60, L90, LPS-OGER-3180
Application of Phase and Ground Distance Relays to Three Terminal LinesAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3964
Aurora Vulnerability Mitigation Techniques using UR Technology UR Family GET-20039
Automatic Reclosing of Distribution and Transmission Line Circuit BreakersNLR, NSRGER-2540A
Automatic WFC & WFR on EPM3720PMCSnote11
Autorecloser Zone Coordination for a Downstream FaultF60GET-8470A
Autotransformer Protection with the T60T35, T60GET-8432A
UR Relays Percent Differential Element Testing Application Note B30, B90, G30, G60, M60, T35, T60 GET-20105A
BDD and STD transformer differential relays BDD, STDGER-3979
Breaker Arc Detection Scheme in UR RelaysC30, D60, F60, L60, L90GET-8404
Bus Differential ProtectionB30, B90, Bus1000_2000, PVD, SBDGER-3961
Bus Differential Protection: Application of PVD Relays using Different Ratio Current TransformersPVDGET-6455
Calculations from a Siemens Motor Start/Stop Profile239, 269Plus, 369, 469, M60, MM2, MM3GET-8424
Carrier-Current Pilot Relaying with MHO Type distance relaysCEB, CEY, CHC, GCY, JBCG, NGA, PJCgei-83950
Checking Firmware versions for PMCS supported devicesPMCSnote53
CIMPLICITY® 4.0 PMCS 5.1b Installation NotesPMCSnote72
Communication Application Tips for Modem Connection to GE Multilin RelaysGeneralGET-8468
Communication Supported Instantaneous O/C SchemesB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-4006
Communications Requirements for Protection & Control in the 1990'sGeneralGER-3677
Comparitive Testing Using Analog Model Power Systems, Digital Model Power Systems, and Portable Test SetsGeneralGER-3678
Configuring and using the POS/2000 Ethernet gatewayPMCSnote79
Configuring PC Anywhere for one Host and one or more View NodesPMCSnote75
Configuring the MIF as a One Shot RecloserMIFGET-8463
Connecting to 8 Series Devices using Wireless Communications 845, 850, 869, 889 GET-20064
Consideration of Speed, Dependability, and Security in Pilot Relaying SchemesAlps, D60, LPSGER-3055
Control Circuit TransientsGeneralGER-3061
Cool Time Constant Calculations239, 269Plus, 369, 469, M60GET-8420
Coordination Time in Feeder Relays750_760, F60GET-8398
Creating PMCS CIMPLICITY® View NodesPMCSnote73
CT Accuracy ClassificationGeneralGET-6498
CT Application Guide489GET-8402
CT Class Definitions239, 269Plus, 369, 469, M60, MM2, MM3, SPMGET-8418
CT Saturation in Industrial Applications - Analysis and Application Guidelines239, 269Plus, 369, 469, 489, 735_737, 745, 750_760, F650, General, MIF, MIFII, MIG, MIGII, MIN, MIV, MIVII, MIWCTsaturation
CT/VT Modules with Enhanced Diagnostics B30, C30, C60, C70, D30, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, N60, T35, T60 GET-20065
Current Phasor Estimator Frequency Response in UR RelaysB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GET-8401
Database File Compatibility with MSDEPMCSnote102
Design and Implementation of a UCA-based Substation Control SystemB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3994
Design and Interoperability Testing of a Network IED: a Manufacturer's PerspectiveB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3990
Design of a Protection Relay Incorporating UCA2/MMS CommunicationsB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3999
Detecting High Impedance Ground FaultsDFP200, F60GER-3980
Developing a Common Language for IED Communication in the SubstationB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3991
Developing Duplicate PMCS Applications for Host & View Nodes and NetDDE Troubleshooting TipsPMCSnote26
Device Firmware versions for PMCS supported devicesPMCSnote54
DGH Modbus RTUPMCSnote60
Digital Low-Impedance Bus Differential Protection: Principles and ApproachesB30, B90GER-3984
Digital Relay Software Quality369, 469, 489, 735_737, 745, 750_760, B30, C30, C60, D60, DFF, DGP, DIAC, DIFC, DTP, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, LPS-O, M60, MFF, MGC, MIF, MIG, MIN, MIV, SMOR-B, T35, T60GER-3660
Digital Relays and Capacitive Voltage Transformers: Balancing Speed and Transient OverreachAlps, D60GER-3986
Digital Relays and Capacitive Voltage Transformers: Problems and SolutionsT35, T60GER-4001
Digital Relays and Capacitive Voltage Transformers: Problems and SolutionsB30GER-4002
Digital Relays and Capacitive Voltage Transformers: Problems and SolutionsG60GER-4003
Dimensioning of Current Transformers for Protection ApplicationGeneralGER-3973B
Directional Comparison Carrier-Current Pilot Relaying with Mho-Type Distance RelaysCEB, CEY, GCX, GCYGEK-7384A
Distance Protection of Series-Compensated Lines: Problems and SolutionsAlps, D60, DLPD, L90, LPSGER-3998
Distance Relays Application Guide489, Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3199
Distance Relays FundamentalsAlps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3966
Distribution System Feeder Overcurrent Protection735_737, 750_760, DFP100, DIAC, DIFC, DMS, DSFC, F35, F60, IAC, IFC, MDP, MIF, PJC, SMOR-BGET-6450
DLP - Digital Line ProtectionAlps, DLPDGET-8037A
Downloading Parameters to the EPM 3710PMCSnote21
Dual autoreclosure scheme with distance protection for the El Furrial 230 kV substationD60GET-8484A
Dynamic Characteristics of Mho Distance RelaysAlps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3742
Dynamic Testing of Generator Protection Using a Model Generator PlatformG60GER-4004
Effects of Load Flow on Relay PerformanceAlps, B30, Bus1000_2000, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3743
Enhancing the 750/760 Transfer Scheme for Incomer and Tie Breaker750_760GET-8387
EPM3720 Sliding Window Demand KeysPMCSnote12
Ethernet Offering -- Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsPMCSnote10
Evaluating Line Relaying Schemes in Terms of Speed, Security, and DependabilityAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3965
Evaluation of a Phasor-Based Fault Location AlgorithmAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3963
F60 Breaker Status MonitoringF60GET-8399
Factors Affecting L90 Operation TimeL90GET-8411
Fast Ground Directional Overcurrent Protection: Limitations and SolutionsAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3996
Fiber Optic ModemsPMCSnote16
Firmware update procedure for L90L90GET-8471
FSC Fiber Optic System Communication Application GuideFSCGET-8368
Fundamentals of adaptive protection of shunt capacitor banksC70GET-8525
Fuse Saving Schemes in Feeder Relays750_760, F35, F60, MIF, SMOR-BGET-8395
G30/G60 Overcurrent and Overvoltage Function
Response During Generator Startup at Low Frequencies
G30, G60 GET-8549
GE Multilin releases fast and dependable short circuit protection enhanced for performance under CT saturation350GER-4329
GE Multilin Technical Description for InteroperabilityHardFiberGET-8529A
GEFSmallfaceplate WizardsPMCSnote64
General Considerations for Using the D60 in Weak Infeed ApplicationsD60GET-8406
General Electric Model Power SystemGeneralGER-3225
Generating Station Protection489, CEH, CEX, DGP, G60, GGP, IAC, IFC, MGC, MIG, SGCGET-6497A
Generator Protection with a New Static Negative Sequence RelaysSGCGER-3181
Ground Distance Relaying: Problems and PrinciplesAlps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3793
Guidelines for Visual Basic DDE Client AppsPMCSnote22
Hi-Z Fault Detection on Distribution FeedersF60HizFeeder
High Impedance Fault Detection on Distribution SystemsDFP200, F60GER-3993
High Impedance Fault Detection TechnologyDFP200, F60GER-3988
High Voltage Transmission Line Protection with Single Pole Tripping and ReclosingAlps, D60, DLPD, L90, LPSGET-6555
High-impedance differential protection in the MIB relayMIBGET-8495
High-Impedance Differential RelayingB30, Bus1000_2000, PVD, SBDGER-3184
High-Speed Reclosing System and Machine Considerations750_760, Alps, D60, DLPD, DMS, F35, F60, L60, L90, LPS, SMOR-BGER-3224
Historical Logging/TrendingPMCSnote9
Historical Trending of Power Factor on the EPM3710 & EPM3720PMCSnote33
IEC61850 - Overview for UsersGeneralIEC61850
Implementation of the Manual Close Signal for Autoreclose in the F60F60GET-8393
Implementing GE Miscellaneous Toolbar (Arrows) WizardPMCSnote32
Installation of the Broadcast Time Synchronization UtilityPMCSnote70
Installing Wonderware ScoutPMCSnote47
Integrating Cutler-Hammer Devices with PMCS SoftwarePMCSnote45
Integrating Square D Series 2000 Circuit Monitors with PMCSPMCSnote41
Integrating the XYPLEX 1620 MAX Server into PMCSPMCSnote69
Intentionally BlankPMCSnote29
Inter and Intra Substation Communications: Requirements and Solutions369, 469, 489, 735_737, 745, 750_760, B30, C30, C60, D60, DFF, DGP, DIAC, DIFC, DTP, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, LPS-O, M60, MFF, MGC, MIF, MIG, MIN, MIV, SMOR-B, T35, T60GER-3976
IOC Element Response to Saturated Waveforms in UR Series RelaysB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GET-8400B
Johnson Controls Metasys Support for POWER LEADER™ ComponentsPMCSnote49
L60 Phase Comparison Mode SelectionL60GET-8407
L60 Scheme SelectionL60GET-8408
L90 Current Differential SettingsL90GET-8409
L90 Fiber Interface Margin CalculatorL90L90FCALC
L90 Line Differential Relay: Fiber Interface Communications SpecificationL90GET-8438
L90 Line Differential Relay: G.703 Communications SpecificationL90GET-8441
L90 Line Differential Relay: Inter-Relay Communication SpecificationL90GET-8437
L90 Line Differential Relay: RS422 Communications SpecificationL90GET-8439
L90 Line Differential Relay: RS422 Line DriversL90GET-8440
Load Conservation by Means of Underfrequency Relays369, 469, 489, 745, 750_760, DFF, DGP, DMS, F35, F60, G60, M60, MFF, MIV, SFF, SMOR-B, T60GER-2398
Load Shedding, Load Restoration, and Generator Protection using Solid-State and Electromechanical Underfrequency Relays489, 750_760, DFF, DGP, DMS, F35, F60, G60, MFF, MIV, SFF, SMOR-BGET-6449
Local Backup Protection for an Electric Power SystemD60, L60, L90, LPS-OGER-3178
Loss of Excitation Commissioning Test on the 489489GET-8405
Loss-of-excitation Protection for Synchronous Generators489, DGPGER-3183
Magnetizing Inrush Inhibit Operating Principles745, T35, T60GET-8429
MDP Integration QuestionsPMCSnote44
MicroVersaTrip Long Time OptionsPMCSnote7
ModBus RTU device update timePMCSnote78
Modifying the Trend Button on Tabular Data SheetPMCSnote65
Multilin xxxPC programs in PMCS 5.1PMCSnote43
Multiple Backup Distance Zones in the L60/L90 Using Settings Group ControlL60, L90GET-8410
Multiple Backup Distance Zones using Settings Group ControlD60GET-8464
Multiple Ground Polarizing Current Sources in the F60F60GET-8396
Network Cable RequirementsPMCSnote1
Neutral Directional Overcurrent Element Polarization in the F60F60GET-8391
Neutral voltage unbalance function at C70GET-8544
Operate and Restraint Signals of a Transformer Differential RelayT35, T60GER-3992
Operation of Power Transformers During Major Power System Disturbances745, BDD, DTP, IJD, STD, T35, T60GET-3237
Order of Installation for PMCS 5.0/5.1 ComponentsPMCSnote24
Out-of-step Protection for GeneratorsCEB, CEX, DGP, G60, LPS-OGER-3179
Overcurrent Elements for Feeder Protection in the F60F60GET-8394
Overvoltage Blocking with Logic Inputs on the 750/760750_760GET-8389
Paralleling CTs for the B30 to Reduce CT Input RequirementsB30GET-8386
Periodic Testing Equipment for PVD and SBD RelaysPVD, SBDGEK-65521
Phase Comparison RelayingL60GER-2681B
Phase Selection for Single-Pole Tripping: Weak Infeed Conditions and Cross-Country FaultsAlps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3997
Phone Modem Device SupportPMCSnote14
PLS1 Polyphase Line Relaying SystemPLSGET-8031
PMCS 5.0/5.1 Log FilesPMCSnote25
PMCS 5.1 Device Simulator Operating TipsPMCSnote46
Polarizing sources for dirctional ground relays489, 750_760, Alps, D60, DFP200, DLPD, DMS, F60, G60, L90, MIN, SMOR-B, T60GER-3182
POWER LEADER™ Meter Waveform Dialog BoxPMCSnote6
POWER LEADER™ Meter Waveform CapturePMCSnote4
Power Relays Application GuideCAP, CCP, GGP, ICWGER-2309A
Power System Protection for Transmission Lines: Phase and Ground Distance RelaysSLY, SLYGGET-6651A
Practical Considerations in Application of UCA GOOSEB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3987
Process for establishing Redundant Systems using PMCS 6.5, Wonderware InTouch™ 7.0 and SARFOSPMCSnote80
PROM Installation Instructions To Upgrade Main Processor FirmwarePMCSnote67
Protection of Synchronous Generators During Unbalanced System Conditions489, SGCGER-4008
PT Secondary Voltage Transfer Scheme in the F60F60GET-8397
Quantifying the 8-Wire RTD Connection Errors in the 269Plus269PlusGET-8421
Radio Frequency ModemsPMCSnote15
RAS - Host and View NodePMCSnote31
Reading Waveform DatafilesPMCSnote8
Relay Communication ChannelsRCCGET-8034
Relay Selection GuideGeneralGET-8048A
Relay Supervision of Manual SynchronizingGXSGER-2624
Relay Testing and MaintenanceGeneralGET-3473
Relaying Short LinesAlps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3735
Remote Access of PMCS NetworksPMCSnote74
Remote Technical Support Using Carbon Copy 32PMCSnote52
Remote Technical Support Using PCAnywherePMCSnote30
Removal of SR-series Relays from their Case while the System is Energized469, 489, 735_737, 745, 750_760GET-8467
Response of the 750/760 Relay to Changing Fault Current750_760GET-8388
Retaining NetDDE Trusted SharesPMCSnote35
Retrieving DFP200 Demand ReportsPMCSnote63
RS-232 Cables for Modem SupportPMCSnote17
RS-485 AdaptersPMCSnote19
RS-485 Repeaters Qualified For Use With PMCS Modbus NetworksPMCSnote50
Sensitive Ground Fault Protection in the F60F60GET-8390
Series 90 Micro PLC With/Without 2/4 Wire RS-485 ConverterPMCSnote51
Series Compensated Line Protection IssuesAlps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3972
Series Compensated Line Protection: Evaluation and SolutionsAlps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3736
Setting the 469 Motor Management Relay for a Cycling Load Application469GET-8478A
Setting up communication parameters in PMCS supported devicesPMCSnote55
Shunt capacitor bank fundamentals and protectionC70GET-8526
Shunt Capacitor Bank Fundamentals and ProtectionGeneralSHUNT
Significance of the Hot/Cold Ratio239, 269Plus, 369, 469, M60, MM2, MM3GET-8423
Special Handling of Delta Mode WFC of Line-to-Line Voltage VcaPMCSnote77
Speed Sensor Requirements for Motor Protection469GET-8415
SPM Power Factor Display During TestingSPMGET-8422
SPM Primary Current Rating CalculationsSPMGET-8416
SQL Setup Installation GuidePMCSnote83
Stator Differential Protection during Transformer Inrush in the 489489GET-8403
Substation Integration System Data SheetPMCSnote61
Substation Tranisents and Solid State ControlsGeneralGER-3204
Summary of Events for PMCS 5.1 DevicesPMCSnote58
Synchronism Check EquipmentGXS, IJSGER-2622A
Synchronizing multiple buses using common voltage measurementsB30, B90, C30, C60, C70, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GET-8532
System InspectorPMCSnote48
T35/T60 Reference Winding Selection and CT
Ratio Mismatch
T35, T60 GET-8548
T60 Connection Winding MonitoringT60GET-8430
T60 Overexcitation ProtectionT60GET-8434
T60 Percent Differential CalculationsT60GET-8425
T60 Restricted Ground Fault Protection CalculationsT60 GET-8427G
T60 Restricted Ground Fault Protection on AutotransformersT60GET-8428
T60 Transformer Types and SetupT35, T60GET-8433
Tabular and Large Faceplate Wizards In Delta ModePMCSnote39
Tape BackupPMCSnote38
Task Switch Disable in Wonderware InTouch™ ApplicationsPMCSnote27
Tee-Off Transformer Configuration for the T60T60GET-8426
The Art and Science of Protective RelayingGeneralARTSCI
The Myth of Complexity: Configuration Mechanisms of Modern Microprocessor-Based RelaysB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-4005
The Role of Utility Communications in a Deregulated EnvironmentB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3982
The Source Concept Considerations in a Protective RelayB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3985
The Universal Relay: The Engine for Substation AutomationB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3995
Theory of Shielding and Grounding of Control Cables to Reduce SurgesGeneralGER-3205
Thermal Trip Adjustment for Changing Current in Motor Relays269Plus, 369, 469, M60GET-8419
Time Synchronization GuidelinesPMCSnote5
TLS1B Modular Relay SystemTLSGET-8044
Trip Circuit Supervision for M-Family RelaysMIF, MIG, MIN, MIV, MIWGET-8465
Two vs. Three Overcurrent Elements for Phase Fault Protection in Feeder Relays750_760, F35, F60GET-8392
Typical Oscillography Settings for the D60D60GET-8480
Typical Oscillography Settings for the G60G60GET-8481
Typical Oscillography Settings for the L90L90GET-8482
Typical Oscillography Settings for the T60T60GET-8483
UCA 2.0: The GE ExperienceB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GER-3974
UCA/MMS and UR Wizard Topics for PMCSPMCSnote81
Upgrading and Enhancing the Generator Protection System489, DGP, G60, MGC, MIGGER-3967A
Upgrading PMCS 5.0 Installations to PMCS 5.1PMCSnote42
UR Family GOOSE Communication between UR and Integrated MU320 B30, C60, C70, D30, D60, F35, F60, G30, G60, L30, L90, M60, N60, T35, T60 GET-20085
Use of the Form-A Contact in UR RelaysB30, C30, C60, D60, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60, T35, T60GET-8436
Use of the R-X Diagram in Relay WorkGeneralGET-2230B
Using the EPM 7700's Xpress Card as an Ethernet Gateway with PMCSPMCSnote68
Using the PMCS GE326TWY DDE ServerPMCSnote82
Using the PQM Power Quality Meter for single-phase three-wire systemsPQMGET-8487
Using the Suspend Port Feature in the PMCS DDE ServerPMCSnote76
Variable Digital Filter Response Time in a Digital Distance RelayAlps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3798
Waveform Functions in Delta Mode MetersPMCSnote13
Waveform Scaling Factor Adjustment for PQM Firmware Versions 3.20 and 3.21PMCSnote71
Wiring Connections: GE PLC, Stargate RS-485 Card and Ethernet GatewayPMCSnote18
Wonderware InTouch™ 7.0 Suitelink ProtocolPMCSnote62

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