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Industrial Communication Accessories

Cable & Connectors

97-1870A20Cable RJ45 CAT5 Straight 6ft (97-1870A20)
97-1870A21Cable RJ45 CAT5 Crossover 6ft (97-1870A21)
97-1870A24Cable RJ45 CAT5 Crossover 1ft (97-1870A24)
97-1677A113Jumper 1/4" Superflex 4' NM-NM (97-1677A113)
97-1677A114Jumper 1/4" Superflex 6' NM-NM (97-1677A114)
97-1677A121Jumper 1/2" Superflex 6' NM-NM 97-1677A121)
97-1677A122Jumper 1/2" Superlex 20ft NM-NM cable length in meters 6.09 (97-1677A122)
97-1677A159Cable Jumper 3/8" LMR-400 3' TNC-M to N-M (97-1677A159)
97-1677A160Cable 1/4" LMR-400 6' Jumper TNC-M to N-M (97-1677A160)
97-2036A07Cable RG400 6' Jumper NM-NM (97-2036A07)
97-2036A22Cable RG400 6' Jumper TNC-M to TNC-M (97-2036A22)
97-3675A02Cable LMR-400 6' Jumper NM-NM (97-3675A02)
97-3675A69Cable LMR-400 2' Jumper NM to TNC-M (97-3675A69)
97-3675A70Cable LMR-400 3' Jumper NM to TNC-M (97-3675A70)
97-4636A01Cable RG142 3' Jumper N-M to SMA-M (97-4636A01)
03-2174A02V.35F (DTE) to EIA530M (DCE) Cable (03-2174A02)
03-3246A01RJ11-9M Prog Assembly Cable (03-3246A01)
97-1870A26Cable 530 Shielded 25M-25M 10' (97-1870A26)
97-1971A03Cable 232 Shielded 9F-9M 6' (97-1971A03)
97-2843L15Cable 232 25M-25M Null 15' (97-2843L15)
97-2845L10Cable 232 25M-25M 10' (97-2845L10)
97-2917L06Cable 232 Sync 25M-25M Null 6' (97-2917L06)
97-3033L20Cable 9F/9M 20' (97-3033L20)
97-3035L10Cable 232 Shielded 25M-9F 10' (97-3035L10)
97-3035L15Cable 232 Shielded 25M-9F 15' (97-3035L15)
97-3036L06Cable 232 25M-9F Null 6' (97-3036L06)
LDF Series
97-1677A103Cable LDF4-50A 1/2" Foam Per Foot (97-1677A103)
97-1677A174Cable AVA5-50 7/8” Foam Cable/Foot (97-1677A174)
LDF/AVA Series Feedline
97-1677A168Connector NF for 1/2" Superflex (97-1677A168)
97-1677A55Connector LDF4-50A 1/2" NM (97-1677A55)
LMR Series
97-3675A10Cable LMR-400 Standard Outdoor Cable Per Foot (97-3675A10)
97-3675A12Cable LMR-400 DB Watertight Per Foot (97-3675A12)
97-3675A24Cable LMR-600 Ultraflex Per Foot (97-3675A24)
LMR-Series Feedline
97-3675A13Connector TC-400-NM N-M Crimp (97-3675A13)
97-3675A14Connector TC-400-NMC N-M Clamp (97-3675A14)
97-3675A17Connector TC-400-NFC N-F Crimp (97-3675A17)
97-3675A18Connector EZ-400-NF-BH-X N-F Crimp
97-3675A32Connector TC-600-NFC-BH N-F Crimp (97-3675A32)
97-3675A71Connector TC-400-TM TNC-M (97-3675A71)
97-3675A81Connector LMR-400 SMA-M Crimp (97-3675A81)
97-1677A01N-Male Barrel, 10804-9 (97-1677A01)
97-1677A161Connector TNC-M to NF Adapter (97-1677A161)
97-2036A05Connector, BNC-F to N Adapter (97-2036A05)
97-2036A06Connector NM-NF Right Angle Adapter (97-2036A06)
97-2036A12Connector BNC-F to BNC-M Right Angle Adapter (97-2036A12)
Fabrication charges
97-1677A164Connector LDF5/AVA5 Single Attachment Charge (97-1677A164)
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