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 CatalogNumberDescriptionList Price (US)LeadTimeSheet
BGFL127-1200GRD FAULT RELAY 48VDC 1200A$2,046.2970 Days
BGFL129-1200GRD FAULT RELAY 48VDC 1200A$2,076.2070 Days
BGFL129-60GND FAULT RELAY 48VDC 60A$2,076.2070 Days
BGFL134-1200GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 1200A$1,954.9770 Days
BGFL134-60GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 60A$2,028.7570 Days
BGFL137-1200GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 1200A$2,070.7870 Days
BGFL137-60GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 60A$2,070.7870 Days
BGFL139-1200GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 1200A$2,076.2070 Days
BGFL139-360GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 360A$2,076.2070 Days
BGFL139-60GRD FAULT RELAY 24VDC 60A$2,076.2070 Days