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Advancements in Adaptive Algorithms for Secure High-Speed Distance Protection Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3962
ALPS Series Compensation Calculations with Parallel MOV and Gaps Alps, LPSGET-8413
ALPS Series Compensation for Non-Standard PTs Alps, LPSGET-8412
Application of Out-of-Step Blocking and Tripping Relays Alps, CEB, CEX, D60, G60, L60, L90, LPS-OGER-3180
Application of Phase and Ground Distance Relays to Three Terminal Lines Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3964
Consideration of Speed, Dependability, and Security in Pilot Relaying Schemes Alps, D60, LPSGER-3055
Digital Relays and Capacitive Voltage Transformers: Balancing Speed and Transient Overreach Alps, D60GER-3986
Distance Protection of Series-Compensated Lines: Problems and Solutions Alps, D60, DLPD, L90, LPSGER-3998
Distance Relays Application Guide 489, Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3199
Distance Relays Fundamentals Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3966
DLP - Digital Line Protection Alps, DLPDGET-8037A
Dynamic Characteristics of Mho Distance Relays Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3742
Effects of Load Flow on Relay Performance Alps, B30, Bus1000_2000, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3743
Evaluating Line Relaying Schemes in Terms of Speed, Security, and Dependability Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3965
Evaluation of a Phasor-Based Fault Location Algorithm Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3963
Fast Ground Directional Overcurrent Protection: Limitations and Solutions Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3996
Ground Distance Relaying: Problems and Principles Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3793
High Voltage Transmission Line Protection with Single Pole Tripping and Reclosing Alps, D60, DLPD, L90, LPSGET-6555
High-Speed Reclosing System and Machine Considerations 750_760, Alps, D60, DLPD, DMS, F35, F60, L60, L90, LPS, SMOR-BGER-3224
Phase Selection for Single-Pole Tripping: Weak Infeed Conditions and Cross-Country Faults Alps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3997
Polarizing sources for dirctional ground relays 489, 750_760, Alps, D60, DFP200, DLPD, DMS, F60, G60, L90, MIN, SMOR-B, T60GER-3182
Relaying Short Lines Alps, CEB, CEY, CEYG, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3735
Series Compensated Line Protection Issues Alps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3972
Series Compensated Line Protection: Evaluation and Solutions Alps, D60, L90, LPSGER-3736
Variable Digital Filter Response Time in a Digital Distance Relay Alps, D60, DLPD, L60, L90, LPSGER-3798

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