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This section covers the following breakers:
Safety or Emergency stocks:

For use on the tanks For use in the cabinet/mechanism

Bushing Insulator (Porcelain or Composite)
Bushing Center Conductor
Complete Seal Kit (including desiccant)
Tank Heater
Pressure Relief Device (Burstdisk or Break Pin)
Low Voltage Part Kit, which includes:
  • Trip and Closing Coils
  • Spring Charge Motor
  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  • Motor Limit Switch
  • One of each type of relay
  • Complete set of fuses
Anti-Condensation Heaters

M4 Material

Complete Seal Kit (includes desiccant)
Mechanism Inspection Kit (if available)
Grease and Lubricants
Burst Disk Assembly
"Standby" parts kit for use as needed (if available)

This M4 Maintenance main results are :

For the tanks : For the Mechanism
- All seals will be replaced and this includes :
  • The Bushing Upper and lower seals
  • The tank End seals
  • The Dynamic seal (for the pole shaft)
  • The gas piping seals (inculding the densimeter)
  • Dielectric cleaning of the tank
  • The replacement of the desiccant
- The mechanism will receive a careful examination which includes:
  • Check trip dashpot oil level and top-up as required
  • clean-up and regreasing of all mobile parts
  • Verification of all latch surface and replacement as needed
  • Verification of all needle and roller bearings and replacement as needed
  • Verification of all springs and replacement as needed
  • Verification of all heaters and replacement as needed
  • Verification of all auxiliary contacts and replacement as needed

Maintenance Parts Price List

Parts needed to complete the M4 maintenance

Strategic Spare Parts Price List

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