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Monitoring & Diagnostics
Single Gas Monitoring

Hydran 201Ti - Continuous Online Early Warning
  • Continuous online early warning device.
  • HYDRAN 201Ti will monitor and alert personnel to developing key incipient fault gases in oil-insulated transformers.
HYDRAN M2 - Compact Online Transformer Monitoring
  • Compact online transformer monitoring device.
  • Composite value of various fault gases (in ppm) and the moisture in oil reading (%RH and ppm)
  • Hydran M2 encompass on-board transformer mathematical models based on IEEE® and IEC® standards.
Intellix GLA 100 Transformer Fault Gas Level Monitor
  • Continuously measures Hydrogen fault gas
  • 2 configurable gas level alarms
  • Colored light indicators and relay outputs
HYDRAN 201Ci - Remote Electronic Controller (Single Transmitter)
  • Remote electronic controller for a single Hydran 201Ti Intelligent monitor
  • Displays gas level in PPM
  • Acknowledgeable alarm illuminated push buttons mounted on door
  • Relay contacts for gas level and system alarms
HYDRAN 201Ci-C - Remote Electronic Controller (Multiple Transmitter)
  • Remote communications controller that can accommodate up to four H201Ti monitors .
  • Can network up to 128 x H2O1Ti monitors