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Monitoring & Diagnostics
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Hydran 201Ti Parts
  • Continuous online early warning device.
  • HYDRAN 201Ti will monitor and alert personnel to developing key incipient fault gases in oil-insulated transformers.
Hydran M2/M2X
  • Compact online transformer monitoring device.
  • Composite value of various fault gases (in ppm) and the moisture in oil reading (%RH and ppm)
  • Hydran M2 encompass on-board transformer mathematical models based on IEEE® and IEC® standards.
Kelman MINITRANS Parts
Kelman TRANSFIX Parts
  • On-line DGA device monitoring all 7 fault gases plus oxygen and moisture. Features load sensor, inputs/outputs, configurable alarms and extensive communications and protocol options.
Transport X Parts
Transport X2
  • Capable of measuring seven gases and moisture including mineral oil, synthetic and natural Ester fluids.
  • Produce diagnostics in less than 30 minutes.
  • Easy synchronization with Perception Software.
DGA 900
  • 9-gas & moisture online transformer DGA. Features innovative two enclosure design for flexible installation, local/remote HMI and expandable analogue/digital I/Os
  • New Rapid Mode – provides near real time insight on fast developing faults about 30 minutes
BMT 330
  • Measures bushing current amplitude and phase angle
  • Detects PD activity in the transformer main tank
  • Can monitor 2 sets of 3 bushings (single phase and three phase transformers)
  • Easily associated to an existing TRANSFIX DGA analyzer