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Protection & Control
IEC 61850 Process Bus

HardFiber Evaluation Kit
  • The fundamental components needed to construct a working process bus system.
  • This kit includes: one Brick (4xCT, 4xVT) with either 5A or 1A nominal CT inputs, a complete set of Brick copper cables, one 5 meter Brick outdoor cable, one 2 meter relay indoor cable, one Cross Connect Panel and one UR Process Card
HardFiber Brick Process Interface Unit
  • The HardFiber Brick is a simple interface providing four bi-directions point-to-point connections to protection and control devices.
  • Featuring a rugged die-cast aluminum housing is rated IP66, from -40 to 85C, and 30g shock.
  • Available in standard kiosk case S-Brick and ruggedized case for outdoor Brick mounting.
HardFiber Cross Connect Panel
  • The HardFiber Cross Connect Panel breaks out all of the bi-directional fiber communications channels from the Brick and the protection and control devices.
HardFiber Cables
  • The HardFiber Cables serve as dual purpose, as both a bi-directional point-to-point communications medium and as the fused power supply for each Brick.
  • Cut to length and pre-terminated at both ends.
IEC 61850 Process Bus Module
  • The Multilin HardFiber Process Bus module for the Universal Relay (UR) family of protection and control products implements the HardFiber IEC 61850 Process Bus system.
MU320 Integrated Merging Unit
  • MU320 is a stand-alone analog Merging Unit able to monitor up to two bays or up to 16 analog inputs
  • Samples Measurement Values in accordance to IEC 61850-9-2LE attested by TÜV SÜD and supporting both Protection (80 s/c) and Measurement (256 s/c) profiles
  • Implements mode/behaviors according to IEC 61850 Ed. 2, including test mode, and supports MMS Report control block for easier integration with supervisory systems
MU320 Extended Version – Integrated Merging Unit
  • MU320E is Compact Process Interface Unit for monitoring and control up to able to monitor up to two bays or up to 16 analog inputs
  • IEC 61850-9-2LE Sampled Values TÜV SÜD attested and simultaneously supporting Protection (80 s/c) and Measurement (256 s/c) profiles
  • IEC 61850 Ed. 2 test modes, MMS Report control block, and dedicated logical nodes for Circuit Breaker and Circuit Disconnectors