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Critical Communications

  • GE MDS provides a full range of antennas to fit every specification and budget designed to have a long, trouble-free life.
RF Kits
  • The MDS RF Kits provide an easy-to-order wireless package. These kits include everything needed in typical applications, including wireless devices, antennas, cables, connectors, grounding, lightening arrestors, and power supplies.
Power Supplies
  • Power supplies not only allow customers to increase the efficiency of their wireless system, but they can also help protect against power system overloads. MDS power supplies come with universal adapters and are available in a wide range to fit all MDS wireless devices.
Cables & Connectors
  • GE MDS offers a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance cables.
Installation Tools & Hardware
  • From stripping and deburring tools, to grounding and hanger kits, GE MDS offers a full compliment of professional installation tools to provide fast and easy installation of your communication system.
Filters & Surge Suppressors
  • GE MDS provides many types of bandpass, band reject and notch filters with adjustable selectivity characteristics to allow a trade-off between insertion loss and selectivity.