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Power Sensing

Open Circuit Protector (quick product lookup)
  • Connects across CT secondary terminals to prevent inadvertent open circuit conditions
  • Rated from C100 to C800
  • Single and three phase options
  • UL Listed
Capacitor Trip Device (quick product lookup)
  • Used for local control power to trip circuit breakers and switches during loss of AC control voltage
  • Short circuit protected
  • UL Listed
Phase Voltage Monitors (quick product lookup)
  • APVR - Simple loss of phase, phase unbalance and phase sequence
  • SPVRB – Adds phase reversal capability and adjustable trip delay
  • LPVRB – Adds over and under voltage with selectivity
  • UL Listed
Ground Fault Detection (quick product lookup)
  • Used for equipment protection under ground fault conditions
  • Designed to operate only with corresponding sensors (split core sensors available)
  • UL Listed
Transducers (quick product lookup)
  • Current and Voltage Offering (600V)
  • UL Listed