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Substation Automation

G500 Substation Gateway
  • Offers a high-capacity, secure, substation-hardened set of modular and expandable hardware and software components to simplify deployment, operation and maintenance of automation systems
  • Designed to provide a reliable and accurate collection of data (metering, status, events and faults) from substation devices to SCADA, EMS, DMS or other enterprise applications
MCP Substation Gateway Spare Parts
D400 Substation Gateway
  • GE's D400 substation data manager is a secure, substation-hardened gateway
  • Features the collection of metering, status, event, and fault report data from serial or LAN based devices.
DAP-416 Multi-function Substation Server
  • This product is under last-time buy. Orders may be placed until 31st December 2021 and will be fulfilled based upon availability, please refer to G500.
D20MX Substation Controller
  • Field-proven, reliable substation controller, enabling simpler and more efficient compliance with NERC-CIP requirements
  • Cost-effective system for upgrading legacy D20 RTUs
D20/D200 Substation Controller
  • D20/D200 Substation Controller is under last-time buy. Orders may be placed until 1st June 2021, and will be fulfilled based upon availability. As an alternative, please refer to the G500 or D20MX
D.20 RIO Distributed I/O Controller
  • Expand D400 RTU capabilities through connectivity with D20 I/O modules
  • Reduce wiring between I/O modules and substation controllers
iBox Serial Substation Controller
  • The iBox Controller is a compact, substation hardened, pole-top or pad-mounted control device
  • Offering flexible automation, multiple communication ports and local I/O suitable for feeder and substation automation applications
D20MX Spare Parts