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Critical Communications
Network Management

MDS PulseNET™ Network Management Software
  • Purpose built network management software for MDS radios
  • Provides robust monitoring of important radio parameters
  • One year of support, maintenance and upgrades are included with your PulseNET license purchase
MDS PulseNET™ Enterprise Network Management Software
Includes all features of PulseNET, plus:
  • Provides and-to-end network management for systems with over 500 devices that require monitoring of non-MDS devices
  • Provides customizable alert rules and reports
  • OSupports high availability
MDS PulseNET™ and PulseNET™ Enterprise Annual Maintenance

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PulseNET Maintenance
PulseNET Enterprise Maintenance
  • Continue to enjoy feature upgrades and ongoing support by adding PulseNET and PulseNET Enterprise maintenance
MDS PulseNET™ Enterprise Upgrade
  • Leverage your existing financial investment in PulseNET
  • Seamlesly update your existing PulseNET NMS to manage growing systems greater than500 devices
  • Enable high availability using redundant servers