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Store Substation Automation
Multilin G500, Advanced Substation Gateway
  • Substation Gateways

    G100 Advanced Substation Gateway
    G100 Advanced Substation Gateway
    Secure hardened gateway for small-to-medium sized applications
    Buy Now Buy Now - G100 Advanced Substation Data Gateway Learn More Learn More - G100 Advanced Substation Data Gateway
    Substation Controllers

    D20MX Substation Controller
    D20MX Substation Controller
    Simple to Advanced Substation Automation Control
    Buy Now Buy Now - D20MX Substation Controller Learn More Learn More - D20MX Substation Controller
    Remote Terminal Units

    D20 Substation Control Modular
    D25 Substation Control
    Modular, reliable platform
    Buy Now Buy Now - D20 Substation Control Modular Learn More Learn More - D20 Substation Control Modular
    Substation I/O Modules

    D400 Substation Data Gateway
    D.20 and D20E I/O Modules
    Easily add the collection and monitoring of additional I/O points
    Buy Now Buy Now - D400 Substation Data Gateway Learn More Learn More - D400 Substation Data Gateway
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