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Industrial Communication Accessories

Filters & Surge Protection

03-3621A02Kit Cavity Filter For 9790 w/small Int Dupl - 3 Conn Chassis (03-3621A02)
03-3621A03Kit 2 Cavity Filter For 9790 w/Internal BandPass Duplexer (03-3621A03)
20-2822A02Bandpass Filter 902-927MHz 26MHz (20-2822A02)
Surge Protection
97-1680A01Polyphaser Surge Protector, IS-50NX-C2, 125 to 1000 MHz, N female (97-1680A01)
97-1680A15Surge Protector 4.2-6GHz NM-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A15)
97-1680A22Surge Kit - Ethernet Power and RF 10-30VDC w/TNC Conn (97-1680A22)
97-1680A25Surge Protector Mnt Bulkhead to Flange (97-1680A25)
97-1680A30Lightning Arrestor DC-7GHz NF/NF (97-1680A30)
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