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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
Transport X2
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13-0208-13-R1Transport X2 - PGA Daughter Board20
24-0345-02Transport X - Bottle Lid Assembly for capacitance sensor models (4 Pins)20
24-0388-01Transport X - Oil Sample Cooler Box20
24-0393-01Transport X - Ground Glass Syringe 50cc (with 3-way stop-cock)20
24-0394-02Quick Connect Adaptor for Syringe20
24-1035-01Transport X2 - Full Accessories case with Power Cable Configurable20
87-0026-03Transport X2 - Accessories Case With Foam And Screenprint20
BGAS01001Transport X - Canister of System Check Gas20
CONS01010Transport X - Thermal Print Paper Roll20
FANN01013Transport X2 - Fan20
KITT00002System Check Kit (black, including 1x Gas Canister)20
KITT00003System Check Kit (black, without Gas Canister)20
KITT00016Transport X - Sample Jar (With Standard lid)20
KITT00143Transport X2 - Transit Case (black), for Transport X² incl. accessories kit (KITT00143)20
MECH01002Transport X - Teflon Filter20
MECH06005Transport X - Magnetic Stir Piece Retriever20
MECH45051Magnetic Stir Piece20
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