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TU-1 Level Interface
035-86486-21RJ-45 F to DB-9 F ADAPTER (for E1 CDAX PBs)40
035-86486-22BNC M to RJ45 F ADAPTER (for E1 CDAX PBs)40
035-86486-23RJ-45 M to RJ-45 F ADAPTER (for E1 CDAX PBs)40
135-86481-012* NMX adaptors (DB9<>RJ-45) & 2*cables (RJ.5<>RJ45, 0.5m)40
86486-71CDAX PADDLEBOARD, e/w 4 DB-9 Electrical Ports40
86486-75CDAX PADDLEBOARD, e/w 3 DB-9 Elect. Ports & Alms40
86486-77CDAX PADDLEBOARD, e/w 2 Optical & 2 Electrical ports40
86486/AACDAX TRANSCEIVER, 1310nm IR-1 20dB smf LC40
86486/BBCDAX TRANSCEIVER, 1310nm LR-1 29dB smf LC40
86486/CCCDAX TRANSCEIVER, 1550nm LR-2 34dB smf LC40
86486/DDCDAX TRANSCEIVER, 1310nm SR 12dB mmf LC40
B86486-21CDAX UNIT (E1)40
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