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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
Hydran M2/M2X
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11762Hydran M2 - Miscellaneous - Sensor Bleed Screw20
11817Hydran M2 - ALLEN KEY T HEX 3/16 X 9" CUSHION GRIP20
16226Enclosure - Heating Base Plate Assembly20
16260Enclosure - Gasket20
16262Membrane KeyPad20
16270M2 Sensor - 0-2000 PPM20
16270-H2M2 Sensor for Hydrogen Only- 0-2000 PPM20
16270-NEM2 Sensor for Natural Ester- 0-2000 PPM20
16270-SEM2 Sensor for Synthetic Ester - 0-2000 PPM20
16290Adaptor 1.5" NPT, Finned High Temperature20
16426Hydran M2 - Miscellaneous - Fuse, 4 Amps, Time Lag (5x20mm)20
16428Hydran M2 - Cable - Controller J10 to Display J320
16441Hydran M2 - Cable - Cable Assembly J11 to SNSR J220
16497Hydran M2 - Cable - Heater Thermistor Cable20
16528Hydran M2 - MO150 - 4-20mA Analog Input Card21
16529Hydran M2 - Circuit Board - 4-20 mA Analog Output Card20
16868Hydran M2 - Circuit Board - Integrated Modem20
17046Hydran M2 - Circuit Board - Communication card Ethernet Port 10/100TX20
17464Hydran M2 - MO150 - Dual Digital Input Card21
17631Hydran M2 - Miscellaneous, Line Filter RoHS20
17901Hydran M2 - Brass Sensor Clamp20
17904Hydran M2 - Screw, Hex Set Screw 6-32 X 5/8Lg20
17950Hydran M2 - Wrench Spanner 1" Fixed Face HM120
18092Hydran M2 - Circuit Board - Sensor Interface Board, RoHS20
18254Circuit Board - Main Controller Board, RoHS20
18256Hydran M2 - Circuit Board, Power supply, RoHS20
18260Circuit Board - RS485 Interface Board, RoHS20
18460O-ring Viton V-341 for M2 OD Sensor, cord dia 5.33mm20
18609Hydran M2 - Power Cable, Line Filter Cable Assembly RoHS20
18834Cable, Power Supply cable assembly RoHS20
18836Hydran M2 - Card Cage for M220
18879Thermostat 80 deg C on base plate20
HYDRAN-M2-X-MODEL-COService: Setting up Models - HM220
HYDRAN_M2 UP-PKGHydran M2-X firmware and sensor upgrade20
M2-MMP-UPMoisture Models Pack - Upgrade Offer20
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