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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
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13-0229-05-R1Transfix - 1.6 Marshalling Board20
13-0229-10-R2CRC 1.6 Marshalling Board (CLP)20
13-0257-01-R10Transfix - TapTrans Marshalling Board20
13-0258-02-R6TapTrans Mux Board20
13-0267-02Multi Oil Switching Valve Board20
13-0317-02ASSYTransfix - 1.7 Transfix AC Board Assembly20
21-2135-01DGA Transfix family Balston Filter20
24-0278-06Transfix - 1.6 MANIFOLD ASSEMBLY20
24-0298-04Transfix - TapTrans Bottom Manifold20
24-0360-04Transfix - TapTrans Top Manifold20
24-0546-01Transfix - 24V PSU (Phoenix Trio).20
24-0635-01Transfix Replacement Door Seal Kit20
24-0705-02DGA500 Oil Manifold Assy20
87-0026-04Accessories Case (including foam, no accessories) - Silver20
COMM03003Transfix - Rabbit Host Board20
COMM03030Transfix - DGA500 Rabbit Host Board20
FANN01002Transfix - Fan Cover 120mm with Air Filter20
FSVC00003System Board Assembly20
FSVC00003-DGA500DGA500 System Board Assembly with LCD20
FSVC00004Transfix - Balston Filter Assembly20
FSVC00033Taptrans Peltier Replacement Kit20
KITT00007Transfix Install Kit20
KITT00008Transfix - TT Install Kit20
KITT00009Transfix - MultiTrans Install kit20
KITT00013Transfix - Mounting Stand20
KITT00084Transfix - DGA500 Install Kit20
MECH06009DGA Syringe 20cc w/o Stop-Cock20
PUMP01006-ASSYTransfix - 1.6 Pump Assembly with mounting plate20
THRM01001Transfix - 1.6 Peltier Cooler20
THRM02005Transfix - DBK Heating Element for Peltier20
VALV01022-ASSYTransfix - Field Service Valve Assembly20
VALV01022-ASSY-GField Service Field Service Gas (inc. filter) Valve Assembly20
VALV01023Taptrans 1.6 Oil Valve20
VALV01023-GTaptrans 1.6 Gas (inc. filter) Valve (5-6)20
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