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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
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13-0395-03Marshalling Board, DGA 900
13-0396-02-R1DGA 900 Single Channel 4-20mA Input Module
13-0401-02DGA 900 LCD Screen Board
16-0903-01Hub Fan Wiring Assembly, DGA 900
16-0947-01Oil valve 3, longest cable use for all DGA 900 gas and oil valves
21-1670-01Louvre Air Filter, DGA 900 Hub
24-0844-01Oil Manifold Assembly, DGA 900 Analysis
ANTN01024Whip Omnidirectional Antenna with TNC Connector, 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS)
CABL01102Coaxial Cable (TNC to SMA Male) 3m long
CABL01103Coaxial Cable (TNC to SMA Male) 5m long
CABL01104Coaxial Cable (TNC to SMA Male) 10m long
CABL01105Coaxial Cable (TNC to SMA Male) 15m long
CABL01106Coaxial Cable (TNC to SMA Male) 20m long
FANN01011Fan Inlet Filter Mesh Cartridge (135mm x 135mm), DGA 900 Hub
FSVC00013External Fan Assembly for THRM01006, DGA 900
FSVC00014Internal Fan for THRM01006, DGA 900
FSVC00015I/O PCB Sub Assembly, DGA 900 Hub
KITT00128Installation Kit, DGA 900
MODEL SETUPDGA 900 Plus Model Setup
PGAX00018PGA 18 - Photoacoustic Gas Analyzer (DGA 900)
PSUX01022Power Supply, DGA 900 Hub Module
THRM01006Peltier DGA 900 (Comes with Hood and cabling)
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