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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
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13-0395-03Marshalling Board, DGA 90020
13-0396-02-R1DGA 900 Single Channel 4-20mA Input Module20
13-0401-02DGA 900 LCD Screen Board20
16-0903-01Hub Fan Wiring Assembly, DGA 90020
16-0947-01Oil valve 3, longest cable use for all DGA 900 gas and oil valves20
21-1670-01Louvre Air Filter, DGA 900 Hub20
24-0844-01Oil Manifold Assembly, DGA 900 Analysis20
FANN01011Fan Inlet Filter Mesh Cartridge (135mm x 135mm), DGA 900 Hub20
FSVC00013External Fan Assembly for THRM01006, DGA 90020
FSVC00014Internal Fan for THRM01006, DGA 90020
FSVC00015I/O PCB Sub Assembly, DGA 900 Hub20
KITT00128Installation Kit, DGA 90020
PGAX00018PGA 18 - Photoacoustic Gas Analyzer (DGA 900)20
PSUX01022Power Supply, DGA 900 Hub Module20
THRM01006Peltier DGA 900 (Comes with Hood and cabling)20
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