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Industrial Communication Accessories

Installation Tools & Hardware

Grounding & Weatherproofing Kits
97-1677A04Ground Kit, Factory Lug for LDF4-50A, 24 in. ground wire (97-1677A04)
97-1677A05Ground Kit For 7/8" Cable & 48" Ground Wire (97-1677A05)
97-1677A06Ground Kit For 1/2" Cable & 36" Ground Wire (97-1677A06)
97-1677A142Sure Ground Plus for 1-1/4 in. cable, with 24 in. ground wire, SGPL6-06B1 (97-1677A142)
97-1677A143Ground Kit 1-5/8" Cable & 24" Ground Wire (97-1677A143)
97-1677A39Weatherproofing Kit Conn/Splice (97-1677A39)
97-1677A75Weatherproofing Kit 1/2" to1/2" (97-1677A75)
97-1677A76Weatherproofing Kit 1/2" to 7/8" (97-1677A76)
97-3675A65Ground Kit LMR-400 (97-3675A65)
Tools and Grips
97-1677A145Hoisting Grip 1 1/4" (97-1677A145)
97-1677A43Hoisting Grip 7/8" (97-1677A43)
97-1677A47Hoisting Grip 1/2" (97-1677A47)
97-3675A34Connector Strip Tool For LMR-600 Clamp (97-3675A34)
97-3675A64Connector Deburr Tool For LMR (97-3675A64)
Hanger Kits
97-1677A11Angle Adapter Kit, 31768A 10 per kit (97-1677A11)
97-1677A14Hanger Kit 1-5/8" 10 Per Kit (97-1677A14)
97-1677A15Hanger Kit 7/8" 10 Per Kit (97-1677A15)
97-1677A16Hanger Kit 1/2" 10 Per Kit (97-1677A16)
97-1677A42Hanger Kit Nylon Cable Ties 50 Per Kit (97-1677A42)
97-1677A97HANGER KIT, SNAP-IN 1/2", STACKABLE, 10 PER KIT (97-1677A97)
97-1677A98Hanger Kit Snap-In 7/8” stackable 10 Per Kit (97-1677A98)
Feed Thru/Round Member Kits
97-1677A13Wall Feed Thru 1/2" Single Entry (97-1677A13)
97-1677A95Round Member Kit 5"-6" 10 Per Kit (97-1677A95)
03-4124A01Din Rail Mnt Kit For TransNET & entraNET Remotes (03-4124A01)
70-2972A01Mnt Clip For P60 & P70 Qty 4 (70-2972A01)
82-1743A01Mnt Bracket For P60 & P70 Pole Mnt (82-1743A01)
03-4123A14Mounting Brackets for Orbit MCR/ECR Qty 2 (03-4123A14)
97-2034A14Attenuator 10Watt 60dB 50 Ohms w/N-M Conn (97-2034A14)
97-2036A17Attenuator 1W 20dB 50 Ohms w/TNC M-F Conn (97-2036A17)
97-2036A19Attenuator 1W 40dB 50 Ohms w/TNC M-F Conn (97-2036A19)
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