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0804-0003 | 9 To 25 Adapter Buy Now
1009-0073 | PQM Adapter Plate Buy Now
16290 | Adaptor 1.5" NPT, Finned High Temperature Buy Now
16525 | 1½" NPT brass adapter (for mounting on gate or ball valve) Buy Now
17500 | Finned High Temp Adaptor Buy Now
17501 | 1" NPT brass adapter (for mounting on gate or ball valve) Buy Now
17502 | 2" NPT brass adapter (for mounting on gate or ball valve) Buy Now
18065 | Finned Adaptor Kit, HYDRAN M2 Buy Now
18842 | Finned Heat Adaptor, 1.0"/1.0" NPT Buy Now
18M9-0065 | MM300 to MM2 Adapter Buy Now
1920-0371 | AC Adapter for 24VDC Buy Now
24-0394-02 | Quick Connect Adaptor for Syringe Buy Now
530-0050 | 1MA/5V I/P ANALOG ADAPTOR Buy Now
530-0051 | ANALOG ADAPTOR, I/P (2MA/5V) Buy Now
530-0090 | ANALOG ADAPTOR, I/P 1MA/5V Buy Now
540-0158 | D.20 RS 485 Adaptor Buy Now
540-0163 | D.20 Plastic Multimode fiber optic adaptor, SMA Connectors Buy Now
540-0164 | D.20 Glass Multimode fiber optic adaptor, SMA Connectors Buy Now
540-0173 | D.20 Multimode fiber optic adaptor, ST Connectors Buy Now
73-2434A25 | ADAPTER, RJ-45 TO DB9 (CUSTOM) Buy Now
97-1677A161 | Connector TNC-M to NF Adapter (97-1677A161) Buy Now
97-2036A05 | Connector, BNC-F to N Adapter (97-2036A05) Buy Now
97-2036A06 | Connector NM-NF Right Angle Adapter (97-2036A06) Buy Now
97-2036A12 | Connector BNC-F to BNC-M Right Angle Adapter (97-2036A12) Buy Now
D400-SP | D400/DMC490/D400-S/DAP-416 Spare Parts Buy Now
DAP-UGK | DAP Upgrade Kit Buy Now
DAP416 | Multifunction Substation Server Buy Now
DAPS0002 | DAP IEC61850 CLIENT Buy Now
DAPS0003 | DAP IEC61850 SERVER Buy Now
DAPS0005 | DAPview HMI Multi Buy Now
DAPS0006 | DAPguard Application, Security NERC-CIP Buy Now
DAPS0007 | DAP IEC61131 Runtime - Programmable Logic Executor Buy Now
DAPS0009 | OPC UA Server Buy Now
DAPS0010 | DNP3.0 CLIENT Buy Now
DAPS0011 | DNP3.0 SERVER Buy Now
DAPS0017 | Modbus Client Buy Now
DAPS0018 | Modbus Server Buy Now
DAPSCF | DAP Substation Server License Buy Now
HYM2- Valve Adpt 1.5 | Valve Adaptor, 1.5" FNPT - 1" MNPT Buy Now
HYM2-Valve Adpt 2 | Valve Adaptor, 2" MNPT - 1.5" FNP Buy Now
SDA | SD Adapter for x790 Buy Now
SDAPS0012 | IEC60870-5-101 CLIENT Buy Now
SDAPS0013 | IEC60870-5-101 SERVER Buy Now
SDAPS0014 | IEC60870-5-104 CLIENT Buy Now
SDAPS0015 | IEC60870-5-104 SERVER Buy Now
SDAPS0016 | IEC60870-5-103 CLIENT Buy Now
SDAPS0020 | Logic Lock Protocol Buy Now
SDAPS0021 | Batch Control Protocol Buy Now
SDAPS0022 | Redundant CPU Protocol Buy Now
SDAPS0023 | Redundant Channel Protocol Buy Now
SDAPS0024 | SEL Client Buy Now
SDAPS0025 | SC 1801 Client Buy Now
SDAPS0026 | SPABus Client Buy Now
SDAPS0028 | GE Hydran Client Buy Now
SDAPS0029 | Courier Client Buy Now