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HV Circuit Breakers

 GE Part NumberDescriptionProduct CategoryProduct Sub CategoryProduct Family
162-3654Scotch-Brite (Very Fine Pack of 10)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
293-2151Bleed TubeHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
3-221-R001SF6 Bottle ConnectionHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
3-240-R001DN20 to DN8 Transition PieceHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
3-365-R001DN8 ValveHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
307-8804Scotch-Brite (Course Pack of 20)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
391-381Leak Detection FluidHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
47AP006/20ltrHydraulic FluidHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
52BM2950Low Pressure HoseHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
52CD031Sealing Strip (dm)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
600kg-SF6-Storage600Kg SF6 Storage CylinderHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
691-397Hi Pressure Grease (400g)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
B30300782-5Sealing Ring, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
B3030782WASHER BACKING S258887 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
B3369041Carrier- Resistor contact - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
B336904101Throat PieceHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
C4032948/1 SEAT VALVE C4032948/1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
C430541701Pressure Gauge / Switch (3 Contacts)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
C430541702Pressure Gauge / Switch (2 Contacts)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
C482031/004Hose ClipHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
CHW400RLint Free WipesHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
D3349013-1Breather Assy JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
D334901301Bushing Breather AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
D51476521 NUT CONE D51476521 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
D538510912Cable Box O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
D538546503Access Cover O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
D538546504Large Cover O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
D5408551Stud-long lok insert TDC 679HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
E3248498-1Throat - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
E324849801Throat PlateHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
E3316532-2Contact Finger - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
E331653201Contact FingerHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
E3316896-1O Ring, Acc. Sealing Ring, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Grade 572 Hydraulic Pipe SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
GX45323Z148036GASKET S5323Z1480-36 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GX47AP006/20LTRHydraulic Oil 20 litre tinHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXC482031/004Hose ClipHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXM3MD5513402Equalising ValveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXM4MD6329801SF6 Relief Valve Y4MD5539901HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR1MD5425001Oil Tank Lid GasketHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR2MD5375701Oil Tank to Kiosk GasketHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR3MD5375401Outlet Adaptor GasketHV Circuit BreakersAISFG1
GXR3MD5433203Main Valve To Kiosk GasketHV Circuit BreakersAISFG1
GXR3MD5435801Main Valve to Kiosk O-RingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR3MD5600801Pressure Switch Manifold GasketHV Circuit BreakersAISFG1
GXR4MD5444301Slip Ring Seal For Aux Switch Drive PistonHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR4MD5936501Indicator GasketHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508003/008Dowty Seal 1/4 BSPHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508003/011Dowty Seal 3/8 BSPHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508003/014Dowty Seal 1/2 BSPHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508003/017Dowty Seal 3/4 BSPHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508003/021Dowty Seal 1 BSPHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508051/010SEAL NEOPRENE R508051-10 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508051/164SEAL CYLINDER R508051-164 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508051/170SEAL AIR SHAFT 508051-170 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508051/361SEAL CYLINDER R508051-361 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/170O RING R508053-170 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/171O-Ring Medium Nitrile Grade 4480 BS1806 Size 221 OB120100HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/275SEAL EXHAUST R508053-275 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/276SEAL SHAFT R508053-276 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/277RING SEAL R508503-277 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/280 O-Ring Mediun Nitrile Grade 4480 BS 1806 Size 330 OB276763HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/284 O-Ring Medium Nitrile Dowty Grade 4460 BS1806 Size 334 OB276755HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/355SEAL AIR R508053-355 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508053/356SEAL RD508053-356 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXR508058/003Dowty Seal M8HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508058/008Dowty Seal M12HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/003Valve Cap O-RingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/005Aux Switch Drive Piston Gap O-Ring OB455765HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/010Servo To Main Valve O-Ring OROR1108201HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/013Aux Switch Drive Piston Cover O-RingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/016O-Ring for Ball ValveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/126O-Ring Elbow ActuatorHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/127Main Valve To Manifold O-RingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/130O-Ring for ball Valve Plug OB451239HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/131O-Ring Adjustable FittingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/133Main Valve or Accumulator to Manifold O-Ring CPN00037784HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/135O-Ring Oil Tank Main Valve OB450240HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/304Servo To Main Valve O-Ring OROR3097631HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/326Filter Cover O-Ring OB455749HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/330O-Ring Bottom Of Support Insulator OB450283HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508065/338O-Ring Top Of Support InsulatorHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508075/005Backing Ring for Aux Switch Drive Piston GapHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508075/013Backing Ring For Aux Switch Drive Piston CoverHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXR508075/131Backing Ring For Adjustable FittingHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXS5311Z13617SPRING VALVE S5311Z136-17 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5311Z13618SPRING S5311Z136-18 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1069401SPRING S5323S10694-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1069408SPRING S5323S10694-8 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1100501RING PISTON S5323S11005 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1117501PISTON S5323S11175-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1118001PISTON S5323S11180-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1118801 SpringHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1118801SPRING S5323S11188-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S1118808SPRING S5323S11188-8 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S586301VALVE S5323S5863-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S767022Non-Return Valve Spring HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S809401 Valve for Non-Return ValveHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S809401VALVE S5323S8094-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S838919Interrupter Trip Valve SpringHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S881202 D" Seal Trip ValveHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S881202SEAL PISTON S5323S8812-2 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S889301SPRING S5323S8893-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S897201 Close Valve Valve Seat NeopreneHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323S897201SEAT VALVE S5323S8972-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1019001PROBE ARC S5323Z10190-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1019002PROBE ARC S5323Z10190-2 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1044801GASKET S5323Z10448-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1045501STRIP S5323Z10455-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1054201GASKET S5323Z10542-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1131601VALVE TRIP S5323Z11316-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z1149501CONTACT S5323Z11495-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z209401COLLAR S5323Z2094-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z354704GASKET S5323Z3547-4 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z397638Seal Ring Flat Square Cross Section R HN/15(Chilcotts Ltd) RU32157XHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z48207SPRING MAIN S5323Z482-7 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z48801GASKET S5323Z488-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z576227WASHER 5323Z5762-27 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z576236GASKET S5323Z5762-36 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z897101SEAL AIR S5323Z8971-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z901401PLATE LOCK S5323Z9014-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z901501SPRING BIAS S5323Z9015-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z936101VALVE S5323Z9361-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z936701Change-Over Valve End Cap Gasket 0.0625 in x 3 1/8 in x 3 1/8in NH116022 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z988901Bursting DiscHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXS5323Z989101GASKET S5323Z9891-1 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXSK2320238Filter ElementHV Circuit BreakersAISFG
GXX3MD5948202PCB Static TDUHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXY2MD5584901SF6 Pressure Gauge/SwitchHV Circuit BreakersAISFG1
GXY3MD5245301Oil Tank BreatherHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXY3MD5347904Mod to Handle for AboveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXY4MD5656902110v HeaterHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ0MA5080503OQV151 Actuator tested GXZ4MP5030250HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ1MA5111301Accumulator Assembly tested GXZ4MP5041601HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ1MA5141001Servo Valve Assembly Tested GXZ4MP5023730HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ2MA5318805Starter BoxHV Circuit BreakersAISFE
GXZ3MD5347701Ball Valve - SmallHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD5347702Ball Valve - LargeHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD5602401Relay MTE 4N8 TimerHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD5607101SF6 Service Connection ValveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD5682201Oil PumpHV Circuit BreakersAISFG1
GXZ3MD5683601MotorHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD5706201Contactor Starter Box Assembly including Holes drilled outHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD612820780w 240v HeaterHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD6573901Relay MTE 4N84R Z3MD5479601HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ3MD6573902Relay MTE 4N88R Z3MD5479602HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4BA0002601GAUGE 633Z4BA00026/01 HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
GXZ4JR0093001Control Switch (CBCS)HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4JR0101401Control Switch (CSS)HV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4JT0059001Auxiliary SwitchHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4KP6610140Close CoilHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4KP6610410Trip CoilHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MD5355301Oil FilterHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MD5380301Heater SwitchHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MD5587101Trip Supervision ResistorHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MD5771301None Return ValveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MD6188002Relief ValveHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4MP5024050Main Valve Assembly TestedHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
GXZ4ZK0028315Oil Pressure GaugeHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankFG1
IF0004G065M16 Full NutHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
IF00085HA0601" BSF Nyloc NutHV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
IF2082G021M16 LockwasherHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
IF41438A440M16 x 60 Eslok Cap ScrewHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
J4MD5155501Trip/Close Coil PlungerHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
K4AD5003314Gauge SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
LCC25Critical WipesHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
LMK2505820Spring AssyHV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
LMK2505820 GR1-02Spring AssyHV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
LMK2547575-10Rod Contact - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
LMK254757510Contact Rod AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
M3MD6329901Location WasherHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
M3MD6581301SF6 Bottle AdaptorHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
M3MD6641901SF6 Adaptor to GMT1 SwitchgearHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
MK250582001Spring AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
MK2505825-11Contact Assy - Gate - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
MK250582511Riveted Contact Gate AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
ML1-AD22-55Stub ConnectionHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
NT312503851Silicone GreaseHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Nyloc-Nut-JW420Nut -Nyloc Type p-0.5" BSF. JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
OB118637 JW/50/010O-Ring Neoprene Rubber Moulded GN/W/80 to BS 2752: 1991 Grade C80 6.07mm ID x 1.78mmHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
OB456842 O-Ring Mediun Nitrile Grade 4480 BS 1806 Size 332HV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
R4AD5168221High Pressure Pipe GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5209605Door O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5225601Auxiliary Switch GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5225901Window GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5243401Weather Seal O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5297501GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5459501GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R4MD5466201Breather GasketHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/008Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/011Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/014Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/017Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/021Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508003/036Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508058/002Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508058/008Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508059/036Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508059/041Bonded SealHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508065/124Adaptor to N2 Manifold O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508065/309O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
R508075/013Back-Up RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
S5323S1069401SpringHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
S5323S809401ValveHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
S5323Z936601Bellows AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
SK2188869-14O Ring , Closing Valve Cover, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
SK2545108-1Gasket, Bushing Top Cover, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
SK2545440-1Gasket, Manhole access -JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
SK254757101Retaining PlateHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
SK864787-14Plate - Locking - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
SM-01-20DN20 Hose (10 Metre Long)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
SM-01-8DN8 Hose (5 Metre Long)HV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
VK-BG-03/20DN20 CouplingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Washer-JW420Washer, Steel Lock Washer, 1/2"HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Y254757001Stop PlateHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
Y2MD5584901CB Pressure Gauge / SwitchHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5230121U BoltHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5230203Vee ClampHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5245301BreatherHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5275901Banjo BoltHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5683901Hose AdaptorHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5890102Hydraulic Test PointHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y3MD5897901BanjoHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y4AD5233908Adaptor to Accumulator O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Y4MD5223601Bleed NippleHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z1266839Locking PlateHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
Z1266839-1Plate - Locking - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z1MA5090801AccumulatorHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z1MA5391301Disconnector / Earth Switch MotorHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z2036284Gasket, Oil Drain Valve, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2036675Gasket, Bell Crank Cover, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2036676Gasket, Bell Crank Cover, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2036696Gasket, End Cover, Ram, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2370107Spring, Servo Valve, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2370108Spring, Pilot Valve, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2505029Locking PlateHV Circuit BreakersAIS Live TankJW420
Z2505029-1Lock Plate, Gate contact - JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2545485GasketHV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2547572Pin, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z2849 + Z2756bus transfer Single phase kit for S3CD/1 420/4000 RCP DisconnectorHV Circuit BreakersAISS3CD
Z2MA5031902SF6 Gas Seal Housing AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z3270109Spring, Prop Release Valve, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z3316835Gasket, Acc. Diaphragm, JW420HV Circuit BreakersAISJW420
Z3MD5390802Oil FilterHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z3MD6514004Stop Valve O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z3MD6514007Manifold to Mechanism O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z3MD6514008High Pressure Pipe O RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z3MD6670601Adaptor PlateHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4BA0002601&02Pressure Gauge AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersAISFrame R
Z4MD5147201Dynamic Oil Seal AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MD5233901Nitrogen Pressure SwitchHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MD5253407High Pressure Pipe Back-Up RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MD5253409Back-Up RingHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MD5394201Snubber AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MD6188001Hydraulic Relief ValveHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5041910Travel RecorderHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5047210Nitrogen Charging AdaptorHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5052910Static Time Delay Unit PCBHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5055020Pump/Motor AssemblyHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5063410Nitrogen Booster UnitHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5078320Timing Interface BoxHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5200880SF6 Filter MaterialHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4MP5200890SF6 Filter MaterialHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1
Z4ZK0028315Oil Pressure GaugeHV Circuit BreakersGISGMT1

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