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Monitoring & Diagnostics Parts
Intellix MO-150
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16411Intellix MO-150 - Membrane KeyPad20
16416Intellix MO-150 - Main Circuit Board I/O With Power Supply20
16933Intellix MO-150 - Circuit Board, MAIN Controler Board, MO15020
16943Intellix MO-150 - Assembly Ground Cable to Enclosure20
16959Intellix MO-150 - Assembly, Cover with Display & Key Pad20
17025Intellix MO-150 - Battery, Lithium Size AA, 3.6V, 2100mAH (Li metal, 7.56 Wh, 0.55g)20
17044Intellix MO-150 - Base Plate For Card Cage20
17646Intellix MO-150 - Assembly Enclosure20
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