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Industrial Communication Accessories

RF Kits - Connector Kits

97-1677A171Conn Kit LDF4-50 radios w/TNC-F (97-1677A171)
97-3675A76Connector Kit LMR-400 w/ 2 NM, grounding kit, 3ft jumper, polyphaser, weatherproofing (97-3675A76
97-3675A77Connector Kit LMR600 TNC-M w/Flange Mnt Up To 1GHz (97-3675A77)
97-3675A79Connector Kit LMR400 N-M w/Flange Mnt Up To 1GHz (97-3675A79)
97-3675A80Connector Kit LMR600 N-M w/Flange Mnt Up To 1GHz (97-3675A80)
97-3675A82Connector Kit LMR400 TNC-M w/Flange Mnt 2.4GHz (97-3675A82)
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