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Industrial Communication Accessories

Cable & Connectors - Jumpers

 PartNumberDescriptionLeadTime (Days)
97-1677A159Cable Jumper 3/8" LMR-400 3' TNC-M to N-M (97-1677A159)30
97-1677A160Cable 1/4" LMR-400 6' Jumper TNC-M to N-M (97-1677A160)30
97-2036A07Cable RG400 6' Jumper NM-NM (97-2036A07)40
97-2036A22Cable RG400 6' Jumper TNC-M to TNC-M (97-2036A22)30
97-3675A02Cable LMR-400 6' Jumper NM-NM (97-3675A02)10
97-3675A69Cable LMR-400 2' Jumper NM to TNC-M (97-3675A69)10
97-3675A70Cable LMR-400 3' Jumper NM to TNC-M (97-3675A70)10
97-4636A01Cable RG142 3' Jumper N-M to SMA-M (97-4636A01)15
03-1976A03Cable Assy, Coax RG400 SMA 90/N, 2130
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